The Foundation


To help the poor, disabled and marginalised members of the community in Rotuma and other communities in Fiji.

Purpose and Aims of the Foundation

The Ha’enoa Rotuma Charity Foundation was registered (in Fiji) under the Charitable Trusts Act in September 2012. The Foundation is non-political, non-profit organisation with the aim to meeting the needs of the disabled, aged or infirm, of widows and orphans and of those affected by poverty in the community on the island of Rotuma and the broader community in the other Provinces in Fiji.

This is achieved through service and fund raising projects that will improve the living environment, increasing access to health services and education, and creating opportunities that allow recipients to build a more sustainable future for themselves.

The broad direction and purpose of the Ha’enoa Rotuma Charity Foundation is to create a capacity to promote the vision and objects of the Foundation by:

  • Assisting in the establishment of initiatives/projects;
  • Building on and expand current initiatives/projects; and
  • Make grants for charitable purposes.

The Foundation wishes to be recognised as offering “a hand up” to people in need to relieve poverty and disability and respecting their dignity and encouraging them to take control of their own aspirations.